Leave it to a mom to wait until her son is 6 months old to finally post his newborn photos! I’ve been meaning to share not only these photos but the incredible photographer behind them for some time now, especially with a lot of ladies I know welcoming new babies this year. We shot these with Linsey from Linsey Wakefield Photography back in May when Henry was about one month old. And let me tell you, I remember the day vividly…

You’d never know from these sweet little photos, but Henry was NOT having it that day. He was fussy and gassy and over tired and miserable and I had no faith this photo shoot was going to work out. I kept apologizing and offering to come back another time but Linsey kept reassuring me it was fine and these things happen and was determined to get him to fall asleep lol. Well she worked her baby magic somehow and finally got him to sleep and pose, after our 1 hour long mini session turned into a 3 hour long not so mini session. She was patient and sweet and you can tell absolutely loves her job and is SO good at it. I’m pretty sure any other photographer would have kicked us out…or charged us more 😉

 I always wondered the secret behind getting those perfect baby poses! Linsey is a pro and has all of the tricks to get every shot perfect. One of the best tools she uses is a whisper app that makes a “shush” sound that lulls the baby to sleep and comforts and soothes them. I downloaded it immediately.

I literally showed up empty handed. All I had was Henry and a diaper bag. When booking with her she sends you a little list of things to do before your session to ensure the baby is nice and sleepy and photo ready (unless of course you’re Henry and just miserable for the day lol). I can’t say how much it helps a new frazzled mom to be told “just show up and I’ll do all the work.” She has every prop, wrap, blanket and accessory you would ever need.

Here’s how we used them in our birth announcement and in our home!

I obviously couldn’t recommend Linsey more. I wanted to take her home with me and get Henry to sleep every day and take cute little photos of him. If you’re in the Souther MA area, you need to reach out to her. She not only does newborn pics but gorgeous maternity, family, cake smash and milestone sessions. Here is her contact info below! Tell her Layla sent you;)

Linsey Wakefield Photography