Nothing is better than Fall in New England. September and October are what really make me love living here…and are what I try to remind myself of come February and March when I’m ready to pack up and ship off to an island 😉 Last Sunday we joined some friends for some fun fall activities with our babies who are the same age…apple picking, hay rides & corn mazes. It was perfect. I even remembered to bring my “good” camera- who am I?! After the 3rd photo my husband was ready to ring my neck but hey, don’t we look like a nice happy family? Unfortunately for him, I’ll be bringing the camera on most of future family excursions so he better be ready for some impromptu photo shoots (like this one where I made him cross the rope that was up blocking this sections of apple trees). I told he’ll thank me when the holidays roll around and we already have more than enough photos for our Christmas card and we don’t need to hire a photographer. Anyways…onto the photos! If you like apples, pumpkins and a cute baby…keep on scrollin’

Where we went:

Apple picking: Keith’s Farm, Acushnet MA

Pros: Decent size offering apple picking, cider and donuts and a hay ride (which we didn’t do there because the line was too long)

cons: packed,  A bag of apples cost about $40 plus $2 for the actual bag, donuts were kind of dry, not the best selection of apples until they opened up a new section of trees to pick from.

Corn Maze & Hayride: C&C. Reading Farm, West Bridgewater MA

Pros: No lines/wait, cute farmers market, huge pumpkin patch, slide & kernel pit for the kids, $10 admittance for the day

Cons: No apple picking, on the smaller side


Can’t wait  try out some new places this weekend! I’ll keep you all posted with our favorite!


Happy Fall everyone!

Love Layla