I’m going to be honest, this is the first time since having Henry that I’ve felt inspired to decorate and blog again. All of my time has been devoted to trying to keep the house clean and organized, leaving little energy for decorating. It’s nice to feel the urge again though because home decor has always been one of my passions and blogging has been such a creative outlet for me. I forgot how much I missed doing something for me that I love. It sounds weird but it makes me feel like me again.

With the fall being my favorite season, I’m not surprised at the timing. I really wanted to decorate my porch again, but I was kind of sick of the same old thing. Not really wanting to spend tons on all new stuff (and with a basement full of accumulated stuff I really didn’t need to) Instead, I decided to shop my home but use things in a different way than I was used to seeing.   I recently moved this antique dresser out of my sunroom to make room for a new piece that met our needs better (aka a glamorous downstairs changing table). I really had nowhere to put it but didn’t want to get rid of it since I still loved it so much,. I’ve always loved the rustic country look of a dresser on the front porch so I decided to try it there.    

Oh man, I love it. This is where it’s going to live forever and ever. It’s mostly protected from the elements and honestly is pretty beat up anyways so I’m not too concerned about that. The more weathered looking the better.

I only spent about $40 total on all of the real pumpkins, hay & gourds…everything else I had. I’m always a firm believer that you don’t need to spend tons to make your home one you love. Can’t wait to share more affordable design ideas with you all as I feel inspired:) Happy fall all!




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