It’s funny how priorities change once you become a parent. Everyone warned me but I truly didn’t understand until more recently. The days of casually perusing the aisles of Homegoods with a Starbucks in hand for new throw pillows have been replaced with stroller walks, couch snuggles, trips to visit family, play mat playing, diaper changing and nursing…lots of nursing. I’m finding that I’m not as interested in decorating my home and honestly feel a little uninspired in that department. Instead, I crave that special family bonding time.

I’m craving new experiences for Henry with loved ones and enjoying good food, conversation, and that little bit of imperfect chaos that ensues when lots of people gather to share a meal.  I’ve been hearing stories from my mother in law about how when she was growing up with 6 siblings and a tight budget, her parents would always plan dinner parties with the neighbors…where all of the parents and kids would get together, pot luck style and each week it was someone else’s turn to host. No fancy meals or pinterest worthy expectations to meet.

It made me think, what happened to the good old fashioned dinner party? So, I’ve shared a few new party tips and a checklist to inspire myself and you to try a little at home entertaining once again. Just head on over to Life Storage’s blog to keep reading