If you guys follow along with me on IG, you may have already seen a sneak peek I posted of this new rug that I was so excited about trying. So basically…those annoying Instagram ads that always pop up in your feed?…ya those work. I saw this ad pop up for Ruggable– a company that makes washable rugs…and not just that….pretty washable rugs.  I immediately contacted them wanting to try one out and they were kind enough to want to collaborate with me on this post! I always want to share any new products I come across that I find may make life easier, prettier…or if I find one that does both, well then that’s just a no brainer.

Ok, so on with the review! This how the rug works. It basically comes in a  2 piece rug system that you can separate and wash. There’s a thin black velcro pad you put down on the floor first and then the decorative rug part literally sticks to the top of it. When you’re ready to wash, simply peel the top rug layer off and stick right in the washing machine. Here’s a video that came in handy to me when I was trying to figure out exactly how this works:)

Why a washable rug instead of just spot treating? Well, between a small dog that still loves to “mark” no matter what we do, and a newborn on the way…I knew our current beautiful Jute rug just wasn’t going to cut it anymore. And I was sick of seeing it get ruined and knew it would be a waste of money to get anything else anytime soon. (We moved the rug to another room that is used less and is more “dog and baby friendly” incase you’re wondering where that one went;)

I immediately fell in love with the Leyla Creme Vintage pattern.  I love the distressed vintage feel and the pops of blue and grey fit in well with the rest of the decor.

Pros and Cons…



  • Very thin. If you’re looking for a comfy plush rug, this isn’t the best option since it obviously needs to fit in a washer.)
  • You’ll need an extra set of hands to help lay the top layer over the bottom if you want it to lay perfectly centered. I just found it a little difficult to do on my own so my husband helped lay it down and then I just smoothed it down.
  • The edges lift up slightly. This maybe just be from packaging/shipping though. I tried laying some heavy booked down on the edged and it seemed to help.

All in all I would totally recommend this rug system for a high traffic/high stain area in your home. Perfect for a nursery or kids room that you want to add some pattern and texture to but don’t want to spend big money on a rug that will just get ruined. I actually wish I got a size up so that it would make a bigger statement in the space, since its slightly smaller than the original one we had there.

I hope you guys like the change in here! Let me know if you end up trying this rug out!

*This post is in collaboration with Ruggable. I received this rug in compensation for this post. As always, my opinions are 100% my own.

Love, Layla