Our Biggest Project YetIf you guys follow me on Instagram then you’ve probably seen my announcement…we’re having a baby! I’m due this April which means I’m already at the half way mark and I cannot believe how fast this pregnancy is flying by already! Here’s a little update on what we’ve been up to these past few months.

bump-collageI’ve been documenting the bump progress each month and it’s so crazy to see how much my body is already changing! Leggings have been my best friend. I use the app “photofy” and bought the sticker package for $2.99 called “Paper so Pretty” for the month stickers. It’s a fun and easy way to document your growth each month.

ultrasoundsDon’t you just love when people show you their ultrasound pictures? They all look the same, like one little blob, haha. From what I hear, I’ve been pretty lucky… I’ve already had 4 ultrasounds so far, which I’ve been hearing from friends is a lot. I guess every doctors office does it different but it’s been amazing to be able to see our little babe in there squirming around. The one on the left is so crazy to me…you can see the little brain & spine! I’ve starting feeling kicks this past week which has been incredible, and everything everyone said it would be like:)

maternity ootd

Top: Motherhood Maternity, Maternity Jeans: J Brand (Both Borrowed from my friend) Necklace & Boots: Cali Trends

I have to say, it’s been pretty fun dressing this little new accessory of mine. Now that I’m showing and it’s more obvious there’s a baby in there, rather than a cheese burger (well let’s not lie, there’s definitely that in there too), I’ve started wearing more form fitting clothing. My two biggest saviors have been pinkblush.com (I’ve gotten some cute, comfortable and inexpensive maternity dresses from there) and also my best friend Rachel, who let me borrow a ton of her cute maternity clothes. Why did I wait so long for maternity jeans?! I’m never taking them off.

5 month maternity ootd

Dress: Pink Blush

Maternity OOTD

This was a couple months ago at work with my sister when I came out the dressing room and we both realized, holy crap…there’s a bump there, haha! Dress: Designer Warehouse, Boots: Chinese Laundry

I’d love to start sharing more than just home decor here with you guys- fashion, beauty, recipes…just different life stuff and things like that…Let me know if you these are things you’d like to see more of here! I’ve already found some great tips I can’t wait to share with you guys. I know this blog has been more home decor based but I’ve been itching to start sharing other aspects of my life too if you guys are interested! Just let me know in the comments below:)


I can’t wait to take you all along with us on this new journey…starting with the nursery! Check back in tomorrow, I’ll be sharing a little sneak peek of our nursery and showing you guys all my ideas and the style I’m leaning towards.

Once again, thank you all for your constant support and being here

following along with us.

xoxo, Layla

I wasn’t very creative when it came to telling our family & friends- I kind of just blurted it out because I was so excited, but I do have a video of when we told my dad, step mom & siblings. It gets cut off but at the beginning Steve (who is taking the picture) says “Ok, on the count of three, everyone say LAYLA’s PREGNANT!…” Just click the link to take you to my facebook page where I shared the video Pregnancy Announcement Video

my little sister at the end…I can’t.