Hey there friends! I’m joining in with a bunch of talented blogger friends to each share how we like to incorporate using vintage books in our decor. I thought it would be good idea to gather all of my past photos where I’ve used vintage books in my decor before. They really are such versatile pieces, and can be so inexpensive if you just know where to shop. I don’t have many in my collection yet, but the ones I have bought, I have found at yard sales and antique shops…all for less than $5 a piece.

Check out the links below this post for a tour of my friends blogs and the creative ways they incorporate vintage books into their own decor.

vintage books decor

well this is it…this is my huge collection of vintage books. You’ll see I love to use these stacked in different ways to add height and a base for my season decor. You don’t need a ton or a huge collection to make a big impact!



decorating with books

I also have a few coffee table books, that aren’t necessarily “vintage” but work great as a “tray” on my coffee table and ottoman:)


dsc_4035 dsc_7742 dsc_6240   1961   dsc_8309 dsc_7742 dsc_4035

I hope this post inspires you to go out and grab a few vintage books of your own! You don’t need more than 3 to start stacking and adding in to your decor, so don’t feel overwhelmed if you don’t have huge collection to start with. I just rotate between the few that I have each season and I love the cozy eclectic feel they bring to any decor. It’s fun to pick up more here and there as I see unique old ones.

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