Well hello there strangers! It’s been a while since I’ve been back to share what we’ve been up to at our little bungalow and I have to say…it feels so good to be back! This blog is such a creative outlet for me and I’m so happy I get to share all our projects with you all. We recently added this charming little antique dresser to our sitting room/sunroom (I’m still not sure what to call this room exactly lol!) We had an empty little space in this area for a while and I wasn’t exactly sure what I wanted use to fill it…so, as usual…I waited until inspiration struck! As soon as a friend suggested a dresser, I knew it would be the perfect answer…I just had to wait to find the right one…the perfect size, with just enough chippy worn vintage goodness. As soon as we placed it down, it instantly made the room that much cozier!


Antique Dresser

Here’s the dresser I fell in love with! It just needed a little TLC to make it fit in perfectly.


I’m blogging all about this new little dresser over at Life Storage today! If you’d like to see more pics and details of how we added this new piece into our space, and what it looked like before, just click this link here….and be sure to leave a comment and let me know what you think!